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Flexi Team


How to continue operating when your operational MARCOM teams are insufficient?

  • Do you know complicated or stressful situations?
  • Are you experiencing the unexpected absence of a member of your team?
  • What flexible solution is there to restructuring or reorganizing the event or marketing department?
  • Do you receive extra work due to a product launch or car show?
  • You must urgently meet a new market, HQ, or dealers network requirement?

The ideal solution: Collaborate with a team 100% dedicated to Automotive Marketing for more than 15 years! 

  • We know by heart the processes, the jargon and the realities of the Belgian automotive sector.
  • We are in many cases the armed branch of weakened or restructured departments.
  • We act with complete confidentiality from within our office or at yours
  • We only have one motto, say yes to any challenge, adapt the solution to the desired result, optimize the costs and transform each investment into a result
  • Also, we are a partner of Febiac and “Moniteur de l’automobile”

The Red Line FlexiTeam is the insurance of highly competent resources in the automotive operational communication sector  

For further information, please contact Olivier Carpentiers at +32 475 52 31 42 /